Facebook Agency Cartel

Only A Select Few Will Qualify To Join Us To Dominate A Single Niche

Here is what you get:

  • We select a PROVEN niche for you!
  • Done for you FB Ads that are tested and proven to work for your niche!!
  • We guaranteed minimum 3 clients within 8 weeks or less.
  • 24/7 private contact with Chris, Aby and our in-house sales coach.
  • Weekly assignments to keep you on track must pass each assignment before moving on to the next assignment. Zero guess work. 100% accountability.

Don't miss out!  This is the ONLY time this will be offered.

$9,997 for the first 1-10  and $12,997 for 11-15.  Click the button and submit your application and schedule your interview call with Chris.

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4 Steps To Building A Successful FB Digital Agency

  1. Select the RIGHT Niche
  2. Acquire Clients
  3. Successful FB ads.
  4. Scale Your Business

Niche Selection

  • We select the winning niche for you that we are currently advertising in!!!
  • No wondering if niche will work or not because WE are currently advertising in it!!
  • New agencies often select the wrong niche.
  • Avoid the costly mistake of starting a new agency in the WRONG niche. Instead just copy our current winning FB ads.

Minimum 3 Clients Guaranteed!

  • #1 reason new agencies fail? Inability to attract new clients.
  • You are assigned a personal sales coach to ensure your success.
  • Scripts provided and we'll coach you on every single call.
  • Warm calls NOT cold calling!  Designed specifically for people that hate and fear phone sales.
  • Learn thee MOST valuable skill set, "How to get a steady and predictable stream of clients."

Use Our Winning FB Ads!

  • Know with 100% certainty when your FB ad goes live it will deliver leads to your clients.
  • Copy and Paste our exact FB ads pre-tested to work for your niche.
  • We write the FB ad copy and make FB video ad for you.
  • You will only be given FB ads that currently work for your niche.

Weekly Assignments

  • Weekly assignments will be given.
  • Assignments will be graded (pass/fail).
  • Failing assignments will be repeated.
  • This level of accountability is key to building a PPCall Agency.

Get 5 clients

  • This is a join effort between Agency owner (you) & Coaches (us).
  • Agency sends all prospect call recordings to Coaches for review.
  • Prospect call recordings will be give a pass or fail.
  • Each fail grade call recordings will be given instructions on how to improve.
  • Agency owner will continue to send in .mp3 recordings of prospect calls to Coaches until the goal of 5 clients is reached or 180 days is reached which every comes first. (see terms below and Q&A)

24/7 Private Access To 4 Coaches

  • 24/7 access to Chris Winters, William Meers, and 2 PPCall Staff Experts.
  • Have questions or concerns YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!
  • Direct access to send text, video, or voice messages.
  • Like having a 4 full time expert staff ready to service you.
  • 4 experts coaches 1 agency owner (you) all in ONE Whatsapp group.
  • Every possible question you could have about starting and growing your PPCall Agency is now at your finger tips.

Discover The Advantages To Belonging To A Private FB Agency Cartel.

Together We Will Dominate A Single Niche

Scale Your PPCall Agency Blueprint

  • Get our systems, manuals, hire, train, etc.. growth blueprint.
  • Know what position to hire for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and beyond.
  • Where to hire and how to train for each position.
  • New client on boarding step-by-step process.

Scale Your PPCall Agency Blueprint

  • Get our systems, manuals, hire, train, etc.. growth blueprint.
  • Know what position to hire for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and beyond.
  • Where to hire and how to train for each position.
  • New client on boarding step-by-step process.

Scale Your PPCall Agency Blueprint

  • Get our systems, manuals, hire, train, etc.. growth blueprint.
  • Know what position to hire for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and beyond.
  • Where to hire and how to train for each position.
  • New client on boarding step-by-step process.


Bonus 1 (Value $997)

  • Watch a recording of us closing clients using the EXACT system we use to deliver you calls while using the SAME script.  We will do this so you know it is a proven system.
  •  Get .mp3 access to past Agency owners closing clients using the EXACT system we will use to deliver you calls while using the SAME script you will gain access to.

Bonuse 2 (value $1,997)

Digital Agency Company Website that comes with automated webinar that sells  prospects to schedule an online consultation with you.  Prospects visit your Agency website, sign up for automated webinar that educates and pre-sells them about your Call Only services then at end of webinar they fill out an application then schedule an online call with you.  I am currently getting about 80% close rate for those that watch the automated webinar.

Drag and drop template, the exact webinar slides with script so you can easily record in your own voice (no face video required!).  My exact application questionnaire and scheduling system I use. Plus 2 Organic methods to get prospect to your auto webinar.

Bonus 3 Value $997

We will prescreen 3 qualified candidates for your first job position as outlined in the Scale manual we give you as part of the course.  So all you have to do is interview 3 pre-qualified candidates and decide which one you want to hire.  We give you interview questions, pay rate, and even how to train them!!! Value $997

Bonus 4 Performance Course $997

Complete access to my $997 health course for busy entrepreneurs.  Past 10 years I have studied human performance thru nutrition and physical exercise.  90% of what is taught is dead wrong. For example, eat less exercise more to lose weight.  WRONG! Eat 4-6 smaller meals per day. WRONG! Eat low fat diet to lose weight. WRONG!  My program is specifically designed for busy entrepreneur who need to get the most mental performance out of each hour. My program will give you more mental energy than you ever thought possible while losing weight and feeling young again.

Total Bonus Value $72,988

  • Watch LIVE close clients on phone.  Value $997
  • Our closing agents will close clients for you.  Minimum Value $40,000
  • Digital Agency Website & Sales funnel.  Value $4,997
  • Pre-screen 3 candidates for your first hire.   Value $997
  • Access to my performance course.  Value $997
  • 1 year mastermind (min. 20 sales).  Value $10,000
  • Invited to my 2 day closed door event(min. 25 sales).  Value $15,000

Next Steps...

  1. Fill out application and schedule call with Chris and William.
  2. 3rd and 4th week of Nov. Role play for 2 hours total with another member AND schedule your inbound prospect calls for the month of December.
  3. Month of December 2 days per week accepting inbound calls, send .mp3 recording to coach.
  4. Jan 3-5th Vegas Call Center Camp 3-days of inbound calls with closing coach.
  5. Jan 6th to March 15th scale your business.

Who is this for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a REAL business online.
  • Complete beginners that want to avoid years of buying shiny objects.
  • Employees who want to leave their soul sucking 9 to 5.
  • Tired overworked Digital Agency owners that want more free time while still being able to grow their Agency.
  • Anyone that wants to finally make money online with a proven system.
  • Those who are just tired of being tired and want to follow a proven system.

Don't miss out!  This is the ONLY time this will be offered.

$9,997 for first 1-10  and $14,997 for 11-20.  Click the button and submit your application and schedule your interview call with Chris & William

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Questions & Answers

Is this newbie friendly? +

YES! This special once in lifetime training was designed with the newbie in mind. The training is taught step-by-step in easy to learn small sections.  You focus only on ONE thing for first 33 days GETTING CLIENTS using a proven fail proof script.  We even deliver the phone call to you!!!  AND provide you a coach to listen to all your calls.  If you get stuck along the way we have EXCELLENT support 7 days a week in our private facebook group and thru support@kallzu.com


I don't have funds right now do you have a payment plan? +

Yes we have a payment plan.  Minimum 50% upfront the details of the monthly payments are detailed in the application.

Can I select my own niche? +

Please let Chris and William select a niche for you.  After you are making a comfortable amount from the niche we select for you if you wish to add another niche that will be fine as you would of gain a considerable amount of PPCall adwords experience.

For this consulting program we are seeking agencies that are: Teachable, coachable, and follow our directions.  This includes letting us select the niche for you.

Can I select the country where I run my ads? +

The largest and easiest market in the WORLD is America (USA) so you MUST start there and guess what you never need to leave.  Don't worry if you have accent or the time differences.   It 10-30K a month worth it?

Chris runs is Call Only Agency while living in Spain and Asia PLUS all his employees live outside the USA ... yet 90% of all his clients are in USA.    You can do this!!  Thee number 1 reason people ask this question is because they are afraid of talking with American business owners because of culture and accent differences... YOU have to STOP this limiting belief NOW!

Do I need to be good at sales to be successful? +

No, no and no.. that is good news!  The prospects will call YOU wanting to know more about your business.  Compared to cold calling and interrupting a business owner.   There is a huge difference one is PUSH the other is PULL.   The prospect has taken the time to call you to learn more and ask questions.  Follow our proven script that we have perfected so you will allows have the best answer for any question a prospect could ask.   There is no sales pressure involved... just follow the script and sound like your normal self.  Plus you will submit each of your calls via .mp3 file to a coach to review all of your calls.

Do I need to be good at technical skills? +

Nope!  All the technical stuff is DONE WITH YOU!  But we live in technical times don't you think you need to start learning?  We have technical support 7 days a week.  You will need to learn how to set up ads, and some very minor website building knowledge.   Hence, it is called done-with-you because we set up everything so you can be come successful.  Then learn the technical aspects of YOUR business from the inside of a revenue generating business.

It is MUCH easier to learn a new skills about your company while it is generating revenue.  People who say, "I am not technical"  are just reinforcing a VERY limiting belief!  So STOP saying that there is ZERO scientific proof that some people are just not technical!!!!

I have never run paid ads before and I am afraid I will lose money... +

First we select all the keywords for your niche we are pros at it and will build it for you.  Plus we will build out all the one page sites required by Google AND do all ad copy.  All done-with-you!   All you have to do is make very minor adjustments once it goes live will take you about 5 minutes per day.. we provide all the training and support so you have nothing to worry about.  Plus we guarantee your campaigns will be profitable.

How much is a client worth per month? +

That depends on the niche but a low average per month profit per client is easily 500/mo  to $2,000/mo profit.  You can get LOTS of clients using the SAME call only ads campaign just copy and paste into a different city.  There are easily 300 cities in USA where you could market to your niche (plumber, lawyers, doctors, etc) with same campaign.  Easy to scale Call Only campaigns.

Then you sell other services to your happy customers.

How soon before I see results? +

This special program is designed for the sole purpose for you to see results FAST.  All you have to do is practice a proven script. NOT memorize... just be familiar with it and when asked a questions by a prospect know where on your sheet to find it.. and practice it so you can read it but it sounds like your not reading it... EASY!!!!!   We deliver the call to you AND provide a coach to review ALL your calls... There is every reason in the world you will have your first paying client the first day we deliver calls to you... if not then the second day.... Easy easy..

Will the market place get saturated with kallzu members? +

No way!  I can say this with 1000% confidence because I know from experience how LARGE the market place is and practically endless call only traffic truly is... I am so confident this will NEVER happen that if it does I guarantee to pay you 10X the price of this course and the money you invested in advertising.

After March 15th how will I be able to manage the business by myself? +

The program was designed specifically so you can succeed!  By first focusing on thee #1. skill set getting clients!!  We give you everything you need to continue receiving call from prospect when ever you wish.  It is a proprietary system we teach you.

Next, we teach you how to build Call Only Campaigns on your own with step-by-step training and 7 day a week support ready to help you.  Plus, the best way to learn how to build your own campaign is to run a successful campaign .. the one we build for you!!!

The one page websites per keyword group are super easy we give you the templates.. again 7 day a week support to help  you support@kallzu.com

Most important thing is we give you a successful business if you wanted you can simple stay in the niche we give you and use it in 50-100+ cities in USA and there is practically nothing to change... other than city name and phone number the rest of what we build for stays the SAME..

But we do provide ALL the training and 7 day week technical support help you.

I am 50, 55, 60, 70+ years old is it possible for me to do this? +

YES!  Age is never a factor to learning something new.  Regardless, if your are 30 years old or 61 years old both ages groups will find it challenging to learn mandarin Chinese.  Likewise regardless of age anyone can learn kallzu ads the GOOD NEWS is it is MUCH easier to learn than mandarin Chinese:)

We live in technical world right?  Don't you think it's about time you learned something technical?  Of course!!!   So now is perfect time.  Why?

kallzu ads Call Only Ads are the simplest paid ads to learn in the world!!

Call only ads require:

2 lines of copy, NO website (that a customer will see), NO video ads, NO fancy image ads, NO sale funnel, NO retargeting ads.

ALL other forms of paid ads require:

Fancy image display ads, Video ads, LONG sales copy, A fancy professional site,  A sale page with another video, sales funnel, and  retargeting ads.

PLUS you get REAL 7 day a week support from agents that run Call Only Ads for our company all day long.  They are experts!  You get expert help so you are never alone, you can learn quickly, and your ads will be profitable the first time!!!

Age has zero factor in learning Call Only Ads.  Anything NEW seems difficult to learn regardless of age!  Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill that is in high demand and will earn  you a nice full time income.

7 day a week support!! So you cannot fail!!  Learning is a life time skill you can NEVER stop learning... right?

How do I know what to charge per phone call? +

It is done for you WE select the niche for and we will select the price you will charge per call.

I have a thick accent and afraid to talk to USA business owners. +

You gotta get over this NOW!  100% in your head and made up fear!   You will be providing a service USA native speaking business owner WANT they could care less about your accent or culture differences.. get over it..

Do I have to attent Vegas 3-Day Client Acquistion Camp? +

YES!  It will be the 3 most  profitable days of your life.  Plus you will learn the MOST about how to fine tune thee MOST important skill set in your business HOW TO GET CLIENT!!!

What do meant by "Done-with-you"? +

Great question!  Glad you asked:)  Done-with-you means we will do as much as we can to get you the results you need FAST.  Once you see results then we teach you HOW-TO from within YOUR working business so that you can continue independent to scale and grow your business.

If we did Done-for-you then it would create a dependence on us in order to successfully operate and expand your business.

Do you have refund policy? +

Please look over our "Guarantee to your success" policy on this web page for details.   Here is the short answer.  For everything that we give to you it is impossible to fail in our opinion.  Thus, refunds are for those not sure if this will work for them and they just want to test it out.  We are NOT looking for tire kickers.  Rather applicants that are 1000% committed and see only ONE option TO SUCCEED.  If you are accepted into the program all sales are final.

I hold a full time job can I still do this? 2-day per week in December you will deliver calls. +

YES! If you hold a full time job you can DO THIS.  In the Month of December we will deliver calls 2 days per week each day requires only 3-4 hours time blocks to answer.  We can schedule the calls around your work schedule and taking time zone differences in USA.

For example if you work in California we can schedule calls from east coast  while your are not working.  We can also schedule calls on weekends.

Let us know your busy schedule and we will find a way to deliver the calls to you.

You build and upload a PPCall Adwords Campaign into my Adwords account more details inside. +

One of the biggest challenges for NEW PPCall Agency owners is the steep learning curve for learning Call Only Adwords.  To re-due this learning curve we will build the campaign for your niche and upload it into your adwords account.  There are a few components involved in a Call Only Adwords Campaign lets cover thoses:

* Creating the campaign

* One page website required by Adwords.

* Ad copy approximately 160 total characters

* Optimization

Let's cover each of the 4 steps in more detail.

Creating the campaign is by far the most time consuming especially for the agency owner that is new to Call Only Adwords.  Average time to learn how to build and upload a new campaign is 40-100 hours.  That is exactly why we offer as part of this PPCall Agency Builder consulting program to perform this task.

One page website required by Adwords.  Creating this simple requirement can take many hours to perform especially for the Agency owner who has no website building skills.  Which is why we offer to build the initial one page website and provide a template so that the Agency owner with NO website building skills can easily and quickly build additional one page website as need for the future.

Ad copy approximately 160 total characters.  This is an easy to learn important skill set for the Agency owner to learn immediately.  It's in the Agency owners BEST interest to start writing the ad copy from the very first campaign.  Don't worry we provide training and the Agency owner can always have our adwords expert staff review ad copy before campaign goes live.

Optimization is the an on going process of tracking the performance of keywords, ad copy and making adjustments according to the performance.  We provide Agency owners with training, caoching, and live support to assist in the optimization process.



How To Get 5 Atleast Clients Quickly +

This is a join effort between Agency owner (you) & Coaches (us).

This may seem obvious but worth stating.  Coaches alone cannot get the amount of clients you desire. Rather this is a joint Agency-Coaching team effort.  Where Agency owner (you) follow the coaches intructions: Roll play the script with a fellow member for the prescribe time frame.  Record all prospect calls especially the bad ones but all calls recorded are required so that Coaches can have every opportunity to give feedback to Agency owner.  Each recorded call review will receive a pass or fail.  All failed calls will receive specific feedback to improve to a pass score.

Agency owner will continue to send in .mp3 recordings of prospect calls to Coaches until the minimum goal of 5 clients is reached or 180 days is which every comes first. Naturally, the more .mp3 recorded calls the Agency owner can submit with a passing score the greater the number of clients will be acquired.

For example, of an agency owner talks to 100 prospects and does not send in the .mp3 recording for a coach to review then the amount of clients Agency will acquire will be reduced because of no coaching feedback.  Hence, agency owner must be committed to sending in all prospect calls to receive the highest level of consulting possible.

Another example comparing 2 agency owners.

Agency A.  Talks to 150 prospects has a coach review calls and grade all calls.  105 are passing.

Agency B.   Talks to 30 prospects has a coach review and grade all calls.  20 are passing.

Which Agency owner will more than likely get more clients?  Answer: Agency A.

Clearly the agency that speaks to the most prospects and sends in all .mp3 recordings of the calls and receives the highest passing grade will get the most clients the fastest.

How soon can Agency owner expect to acquire their first 5 PPCall clients?  This depends on many factors: How well the Agency owner practiced the sales script.  How confident does the Agency owner sound on the phone to prospects.  Does the Agency owner send in All .mp3 recordings of their live calls for coaching reviews. Is the agency owner willing to follow the coaches mentoring to improve their call grading to get mostly if not all passing grades.

It is reasonable for all Agency owners to get at least 5 new PPCall clients before graduating the program.  Again this depends on the Agency owners willingness on the points mentioned above.  Because Agency owners will come into this program with different customer service/sales backgrounds we will extend our coaching services for a total of 180 days.  That is and additional 3 months of coaching after graduation for all Agencies that to not acquire a minimum of 5 new PPCalls by graduation.

All agencies will be given one month of prospect calls delivered to them 2 days per week for approximately 4 hours per day as part of the program.  After the initial month agencies will be taught how to deliver prospect calls on their own.  **See Q&A for details about the call deliveries and terms **



We have prospects interested in your PPCall services call YOU so NO COLD CALLING. (open details inside) +

Because cold calling is not a desired method to acquire new PPCall clients we developed a unique method to get prospects ,in Agencies niche, to call Agencies to inquire about PPCall services.

We will deliver Agencies prospect calls for one month (two days per week each day about 4 hours).  Agencies will have some flexibility on times and days they will receive the calls.  For example,  after working hours and on weekends.

Before the first month ends Agencies will be trained on how to deliver their own calls of prospects interested in their services.

Agencies will be provide with script and coaching feedback on all recorded calls that Agency sends to coaches for review.  We highly recommend Agencies to send in All recorded calls for coaching review and grading (pass/fail).

Please be aware of what to expect from the phone calls:

* Because we cannot possibly control the manners of prospect that will call Agencies note that some people can be rude. This does no happen often.  However, dealing with unpleasant people is a part of any business unfortunately.  Note: Most prospect like most people will be pleasant and polite.

* We try our best to deliver the calls to Agencies as evenly spaced apart as possible within a 4 hour window. In an ideal scenario, calls would be evenly delivered however this will be difficult at times.

Thus, agency needs to realize there will be short periods of time where small batches of calls will come in.  Requiring Agency to put a prospect on hold while agency takes name and number of other prospect calls.

Just the opposite may happen where there will be short periods of no calls.  Smart agency owners use both busy call volume and slow call volume times wisely by taking as many name and phone numbers as they can during busy times and then calling the prospects back during the slow times.

Finally, want to add that yes there will also be periods of time where call do come in evenly spaced apart.  Regardless, an intelligent agency operator knows that a live lead that called them is extremely valuable regardless of how quickly or slowly the call volume.




Here is what you get:

  • We carefully select a profitable niche for you!
  • We create a custom Call Only Campaign and upload it into your Adwords account all you have to do is press start!!
  • We build all the Google Call Only ads one page sites per Google requirements.
  • Entire month of December we deliver 2 days ( 3-4hrs/day) of inbound calls per week, with scripts, and coach reviews ALL calls.
  • Vegas 3-Day Call Center Client Acquistion Camp Jan. 3-5th with closing coach.
  • We gurantee you minimum of 5 pre-paid clients in the first 33 days.

Don't miss out!  This is the ONLY time this will be offered.

$9,997 for first 1-10  and $14,997 for 11-20.  Click the button and submit your application and schedule your interview call with Chris & William

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Our Guarantee To Your Success

Guaranteed a minimum of 5 pre-paid clients from Dec.1st to Jan 5th. During the month of December we will deliver 2 days per week of incoming calls.  Then at the Vegas 3-Day Intensive Call Center Boot camp we will deliver call to you all day long for three days while closing coaches are in the call center.  We will provide a coach to review ALL your call via .mp3 recording.  Part of the guaranteed is that you agree to record and answer all income calls we deliver to you.  You agree to send your recorded call files within 24 hours to your closing coach so you can receive feedback.  Failure on your part to answer the calls and record them will void the guarantee.  You also agree to spend a total of 2 hours  prior to Dec 1st with another Call Only Digital Agency member that we will pair you up with.  We will provide all scripts and require that you role play for a total of 120 minutes which can be done at one time but we recommend over 2 to 3 different sessions.  This will fully prepare you for the incoming calls for the month of December.

    • Recall 5 clients: $500-$2000/mo OR $30,000-$110,00/yr profit
    • 20 clients and you will be invited to a monthly mastermind worth $10K/yr for 1 year free.
    • 25+ clients (in addition to private mastermind) you are invited to spend two full day with Chris Winters in 2019 Europe, Asia, or USA. (dates/location to be announced) value $15,000.

We select a profitable niche for you. We guarantee the niche is profitable.  We custom create a done-for-you Call Only Ads Campaign.  The campaign will be uploaded to your Adwords account so all you have to do is turn it on after you get a client and 5-10 minutes/day minor optimization.  All paid advertising requires minor optimization after it goes live.  We guarantee the call only campaign we custom build for you will be profitable  if for some reason it is not we will pay for any loses and fix it.  NOTE: this is highly unlikely and is put in the guarantee for your peace of mind.

Jan 6th to March 15th we give you everything to scale your business. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to hire your first employee.  Note: you will be profitable at this point so your business will support your hires.  You will get a job description, where to post it, how to screen the applicants, how to train and monitor their performance.  When your Agency is ready for next hire the same level if detail will be available.  How to scale your business requires systems, new hires, and a clear blue print on exactly how to do this which is what you will get alone with coaching from William and Chris.

  • We’ll work with your busy schedule on days and times of inbound calls to NOTE:  Inbound call schedule must be set up prior to December and cannot be alerted.
  • You agree to attend the Vegas 3-Day Call Center Bootcamp fully prepared to accepted inbound calls. (failure to do so will void guarantee).

If for some reason you do not get 5 clients (which is impossible when you follow the inbound schedule, answer the calls, follow the scripts, and listen to your closing coach) then we will work with you from Jan 6th to March 15th, we will provide a closing coach to review ALL your calls. Chris and William will work with you 1-1 weekly until you reach your goal.  You will be responsible for running the inbound call campaigns which we teach you how to do. Again the ONLY way you will not get a minimum of 5 clients is if you simply decide not to participate.

For your success we need you to record 100% of your inbound calls and send the .mp3 recordings within 24 hours of receiving the calls to your closing coach.  Your main focus is to acquire clients. You agree to follow the simple script we provide and work with your closing coach.  Prior to December you agree to role-play a minimum of 2 hours with another Call Only Agency member.  We provide everything you need: objections, questions, and answers.  If you are accepted into the program please note all sales are final.

Your entire focus from Dec. to Jan 5th will be to acquire as many pre-paid clients as you can by utilizing: training, scripts, inbound calls, and closing coach.

Your focus from Jan 6th to March 15th will be to scale your business, hire, train, learn the systems to generate inbound calls, optimize campaigns, manage clients and new team members.

Summary: We have made every effort so you can work for 33 days on ONE thing... getting clients.  We provide EVERYTHING for this to happen.  We expect you to prepare by knowing the script NOT memorizing it.. just being able to read it while your on calls and not sound like your reading it.  Hence, we require you role play with another member for 2 hours total before we deliver the calls in December.   We promise to select profitable niche, to create a profitable Call Only Ads Campaign for your niche, create all the one page websites Google requires, provide the scripts, and closing coaches to review your calls.   We will provide a step-by-step guide and coaching to scale your business from Jan 6th to March 15th.  This is team a effort folks!

Who is this for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build a REAL business online.
  • Complete beginners that want to avoid years of buying shiny objects.
  • Employees who want to leave their soul sucking 9 to 5.
  • Tired overworked Digital Agency owners that want more free time while still being able to grow their Agency.
  • Anyone that wants to finally make money online with a proven system.
  • Those who are just tired of being tired and want to follow a proven system.

Don't miss out!  This is the ONLY time this will be offered.

$9,997 for first 1-10  and $14,997 for 11-20.  Click the button and submit your application and schedule your interview call with Chris & William

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