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Questions & Answers

Is this newbie friendly? +

YES! The training is taught step-by-step in easy to learn small sections.  If you get stuck along the way we have EXCELLENT support 7 days a week in our private facebook group and thru  **Did you see our members testimonials about our support team??**


I am worried that I cannot build the ONE page ugly website. +

No worries just because it is ugly does not mean it easy to build we get it:)  We provide an easy to follow wordpress template with easy to follow instructions.  BUT... if you need help that is EXACTLY why we have 7 day a week support for YOU!  *** Did you read all the testimonials about our support from existing kallzu members? ***

Will call only ads work outside the USA? +

YES!  Call Only Ads work anywhere that Google Adwords is available which is just about everywhere... ALL of Europe, Canada, Australia, and MANY more!!  Want to know if Call Only ads are in your country/area?  Easy just type into Google search using your phone "Restaurants Near Me"  (type in your countries language).  If you see Adwords Pay Per Click (not Call Only Ads) then YES!!! You have Call Only ads available in your country.  Anywhere Google advertises pay per click then they will also have call only ads available.

Consider our advice seriously.  USA has thee largest market space for Call Only Ads AND it is the easiest to scale with so many cities in USA we urge you to start in USA.   Kallzu ads we have ZERO employees or owners in USA yet we get 90% of company revenue from USA.

Nobody will want to see you face to face.  And nobody is cares about a foreign accent!!!  But everyone cares about results!!  Which you will be able to give them in 24 hours.. NEXT day service and trust every new client will be blown away by the results.

I am worried that I will not be about to fulfill the service to clients. +

We totally understand that is a common concern amount new students that have not run Call Only Ads before.  Trust us when we say you will ZERO issues delivering LOTS of qualified calls to your new customers.  They will be blow away and over time may ask you to pause the campaign because they cannot handle all the new business.

Reminder: You can have our expert Call Only Ads staff look over your campaigns at anytime before you go live to ensure your success!   With kallzu ads you are part of the team thus NEVER alone.

How much do I need to spend on ads before I see a profit? +

Great question!  You can spend as little as $5/day or $0/day.  Either way you will be profitable from your very first campaign.

Let me explain.   If you decide to start with affiliate offers then you will need to pay for the ads.  You can spend as little as $25 per week or about $5/day.  With our affiliate offers you will get paid weekly each Monday so you can reinvest your profits BACK into more ads.

You cannot lose money because our staff will look over your keywords and entire campaign to ensure success BEFORE you go live.  That is the advance of being part of the kallzu family you get 7 day a week EXPERT support.

If you decide to start OR after a few successful affiliate campaigns to go direct to customer (local business owners) then you will want to use our propriety system for getting them to call you wanting your services then collect money upfront (your fees and the funds for advertising) so you DO NOT have to have any money to run ads:)

Keep in mind our propriety system for getting clients to call YOU... versus you calling them aka "Cold Calling" we provide the scripts, .mp3 files of other students on phone with prospects, AND we will even provide personal coaching when  you send in YOUR .mp3 recordings of speaking with prospect and our kallzu support coaching will coach you.  Frankly, it is easy!!!  These are NOT sales calls... rather they are order taking and question and answer calls... super easy to collect upfront and get started.

Additional expenses?? +

Good news is that in today's amazing times we living anyone can start a profitable online business without expensive office space, advertising, or employees.  Yeah!

You have three SMALL expenses: 1. domain 2. basic hosting (sure you have this.. already) 3. Call Only Ads budget.  Can be a little as $25/week with affiliate offers which you will be paid weekly so you can reinvest the profits BACK into more profitable ads.  OR you eliminate ads costs to $0.00 !!!!  How?  Buy using our propriety systems to get prospect to call YOU (not you calling them aka "Cold Calling") we provide the scripts and coaching to help you collect money upfront and our expert staff will look over your adwords campaign to ensure you deliver GREAT results to your new customer.

You are never alone when you join the kallzu team!!

So if this so easy and profitable why isn't everyone doing this? +

Smart question!  Three reasons why few people are doing Call Only Ads and it has nothing to do with how effective they are.. because they work!!

1. Few people know about Adwords Call Only Ads.  This is first time you heard of them, right?  Despite being around for 5 years and growing in traffic each year.

2. If you don't know how to set up a campaign it will not work.  Luckily for you that kallzu support team are experts and will lo0k over your campaigns before you go live to ensure you are profitable the FIRST time.

3.  Managing Call Only Ads manually is nearly impossible.  So few people want to spend 20-50 hour per week just managing the ads.  That is exactly why we created kallzu 2.0 software so you can easily manage your affiliate and customer call only ads.

Do you have 30 day guarantee? +

YES.. in fact BETTER than 30 day guarantee!! How?  We take guarantee one huge step forward from everyone else.  If after going thru the course, using our support 7 days a week, being active in our private facebook group and you are still stuck.  If it seems you cannot make this work.. then schedule a 1-1 call with us, normally charge $750/hr, and WE WILL MAKE IT WORK!!

We care enough to take a personal stake in YOUR SUCCESS by investing our time in YOU.  Literally nobody on the planet will do what we are offering.  Why? Our relationship goes WAY beyond... WAY beyond the initial sale... instead we take an active responsibility in YOU..

BUT.... we need you to do your part.  You gotta want it!  If you do nothing you get nothing right?  You put in the work into the course, leverage our excellent support staff (did you see ALL our testimonials from our members that are so happy with our amazing support) and you cannot make it work then lets get on call.. do screen share and FIND the hole(s) and fix them... and make your profitable...

Here is bottom line IF you do the work and cannot make it work WE will work with you 1-1 and guarantee it will work.

If you request a refund know we will want to know what you have done and will require you schedule a 1-1 call with one of our $750/hr coaches FOR FREE!! To ensure you succeed.

BEST support 7 days a week.  BEST guarantee on the planet, and proven results from our students.  There is ZERO reason to fail.  You will only fail IF YOU decide to fail... You are NEVER alone when you join kallzu team.  NO man or women left behind.

Can I start with Call Only affiliate offers and then move to helping businesses get more customers? +

Heck yes!  Affiliate model is a GREAT way to start and even stay.  Moving on to helping local businesses directly is 100% optional.  You will make great money with both models: affiliate and Consultant.  Granted you will make about 40% more working directly with local businesses but it comes with more responsibility.

Either business model works!  You can do one or both... up to you.  Either way one you join kallzu team you are NEVER alone.  We are here to support you.

How much is a client worth per month? +

That depends on the niche but a low average per month profit per client is easily $1,500/mo profit.  You can get LOTS of clients using the SAME call only ads campaign just copy and paste into a different city.  There are easily 300 cities in USA where you could market to your niche (plumber, lawyers, doctors, etc) with same campaign.  Easy to scale Call Only campaigns.

Then you sell other services to your happy customers.

How soon before I see results? +

That depends entirely up to you and your ability to learn.  MOST people who get a course DO NOT know how to learn.  They what ALL the videos in a course and along the way DO NOTHING.  Then they have to go back and re-watch the videos again and might take some action.

How long will it take?  2-3 week 10-12 hours per week.  IF you watch our videos and this is critical... pause the video and take the necessary action... then return play the video.. then pause again take action.  Watch and take action... watch and take action.  Then if you get stuck USE our 7 day a week support to help you get unstuck and moving alone.

Make sense?

I can only think of few niches. Worried I will not be able to select a good niche. +

This is a common concern among NEW members.  First, thing to realize is your success is NOT determine by selecting the right or most profitable niche... this is wrong way to look at it.  Rather, know 95% of the 20,000 niches out there will work GREAT for Call Only Ads.  What really makes it work well is your commitment to the niche.

You need to know the niches: business, fears, concerns, wants, and desires.   If you know those things you can make any niche a success.  Versus just saying.... doctors make a lot of money I select that niche.. .. without knowing the niches fears, wants, challenges, and desires.

Good news we will help you select a niche thru our training process.  After going thru the training if you still cannot select a niche we will be happy to help you.

I have never done paid advertising before OR worse I have lost lots of money in past when I tried. +

Most paid advertising like: FB, Youtube, Display Ads, PPClick, and Instagram all require you be expert at the following:  sales copy writing, creating high converting websites, become expert at sales funnels, retargeting, taking really good photos and creating sales videos.  No wonder most fail!!!  So much to learn!!

With Call Only Ads you need 2 simple lines of copy each line is 65 characters.  Recall from webinar it goes like this..

Prospect enters into their phone search engine " Pest Control near me"

Your call only ad line 1 (keyword they typed turned into a question)

Are you looking for pest control near you?

Your call only ad line 2  (call to action)

Call now for BEST pest control company

Call only ads are EASY!  As long as you follow the training and have our team look over your ad before you go live you will NOT lose money.   This is the perfect type of paid advertising for newbies..

Will the market place get saturated with kallzu members? +

No way!  I can say this with 1000% confidence because I know from experience how LARGE the market place is and practically endless call only traffic truly is... I am so confident this will NEVER happen that if it does I guarantee to pay you 10X the price of this course and the money you invested in advertising.

I want to service local business owner with Call Only Ads but I hate to cold call. How will I get clients? +

Great news!  We hate to cold call just as much as you:)  That's exactly why we created a priority system that gets prospect from any niche to call YOU!  Say good-bye to cold calling.  We go beyond by providing proven script, .mp3 files so you can listen to other students on calls with prospects, AND even coaching.  When you follow this system, which sells for $1,997, that you got as bonus and you cannot seem to close clients that call YOU... then send in a few .mp3 files and let our  sales coaches review your phone call and give you expert coaching.  99% of the time when students send in .mp3 recordings of their call the reason they did not get any clients is because they did not follow the scripts provided.   Our systems work!!!

I don't have credit card or money to invest in paid call only ads. +

No worries... we have thee PERFECT solution for you!  Google adwords Call Only Accounts require a credit card BUT not if you service your clients account.  What?  When you get a client you will use their adwords account as a marketing company and on their account will be their credit card.  Easy!  No credit card required.  BTW this method is VERY common.

And the client will be paying for the ads with their credit card with their adwords account... easy.. no credit card or money upfront for you!!

Still have questions? Here is what to do next.. +

Still have questions?  No worries we truly want to answer ALL of your questions and giving your 3 options:

  1. Leave comment in facebook thread at top of this page and Chris Winters will personally answer.
  2. Contact our amazing support.
  3. For a limited time you can schedule a 1-1 call with Chris Winters and he will personally speak with you.  **Look under each buy button you will see link to schedule a call with Chris.
I am 50, 55, 60, 70+ years old is it possible for me to do this? +

YES!  Age is never a factor to learning something new.  Regardless, if your are 30 years old or 61 years old both ages groups will find it challenging to learn mandarin Chinese.  Likewise regardless of age anyone can learn kallzu ads the GOOD NEWS is it is MUCH easier to learn than mandarin Chinese:)

We live in technical world right?  Don't you think it's about time you learned something technical?  Of course!!!   So now is perfect time.  Why?

kallzu ads Call Only Ads are the simplest paid ads to learn in the world!!

Call only ads require:

2 lines of copy, NO website (that a customer will see), NO video ads, NO fancy image ads, NO sale funnel, NO retargeting ads.

ALL other forms of paid ads require:

Fancy image display ads, Video ads, LONG sales copy, A fancy professional site,  A sale page with another video, sales funnel, and  retargeting ads.

PLUS you get REAL 7 day a week support from agents that run Call Only Ads for our company all day long.  They are experts!  You get expert help so you are never alone, you can learn quickly, and your ads will be profitable the first time!!!

Age has zero factor in learning Call Only Ads.  Anything NEW seems difficult to learn regardless of age!  Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill that is in high demand and will earn  you a nice full time income.

7 day a week support!! So you cannot fail!!  Learning is a life time skill you can NEVER stop learning... right?

How do I know what to charge per phone call? +

Good question!  How much to charge per call is dependent on basic business factors which we cover in the course so you will know exactly what to charge for any niche you select.

First, your client and you both need to make a profit from the call.  If you charge to much then you make all the profit and client will cancel service because they are not able to make a profit.

Second, you need to understand enough about the niche to know the average value per customer.  For example a DUI attorney would collect about $3,000 USD per client.  Less expenses like rent, employees, taxes, etc.. leaving a net profit of approximately $1,500.

If DUI attorney closes every 5th call you deliver and you charge $150 per call.  Then you would collect 5 X $150 = $750 profit and your DUI attorney would net $1,500 - $750 = $750 profit.

Please DO NOT get overwhelmed by this process.  It is based on simple understanding of net profit for your business and your clients.   It starts with basic understanding and when in doubt you charge less rather than more.  Over time and experience you will learn the highest price you can charge so your clients make a profit.

Again this is covered in the course and we have 7 day a week staff to help you PLUS 2 LIVE coaching calls per month.

Here is what you get:

  • PPCall Affiliate Offers: 1. Guaranteed approval. 2. Commissions paid weekly.
  • PPCall Software: Easily manage your affiliate and/or clients campaigns.
  • TWO Coaching Calls/mo: 1. Successful members share tactics. 2. “Hot seat” 3. Q&A
  • Most advanced newbie friendly Call Only training in the world. (seriously)
  • 7 day VIP support to review your campaigns, keywords, niche, 1 page ugly website, etc.
  • Annual Vegas Event: 1.Staff, Coaches & members share 6-7 figure tactics.

Normally $1,997 upfront then $97/mo but today only....

$797 upfront, Get the first 3 months FREE then just $39.99/mo

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READ: Our performance 30 day Guarantee Dedicated To Your Success

We back the quality and effectiveness of our business training that if for any reason in the first 30 days you are not satisfied you agree to let us PERSONALLY HELP you with 1-1 coaching and ONLY after our expert coaching intervention should you not see success then will we refund you.

We know without doubt that our proven system works when members follow the training.  We also understand that sometimes members need closer guidance in order to see the results they desire.  That is exactly why we provide you an exclusive performance 30 day guarantee.  Kallzu ads is not for tire kickers or people that just want to try it to see if it works. Rather kallzu ads business training is for serious business minded individuals that are committed to their success and are willing to accept our special coaching if needed.  We are committed to your satisfaction and success.

 MORE successful members are you next?

Here is what you get:

  • PPCall Affiliate Offers: 1. Guaranteed approval. 2. Commissions paid weekly.
  • PPCall Software: Easily manage your affiliate and/or clients campaigns.
  • TWO Coaching Calls/mo: 1. Successful members share tactics. 2. “Hot seat” 3. Q&A
  • Most advanced newbie friendly Call Only training in the world. (seriously)
  • 7 day VIP support to review your campaigns, keywords, niche, 1 page ugly website, etc.
  • Annual Vegas Event: 1.Staff, Coaches & members share 6-7 figure tactics.

Normally $1,997 upfront then $97/mo but today only....

$797 upfront, Get the first 3 months FREE then just $39.99/mo

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