==>>Thank You!! Important Video WATCH<<==

==>>Thank You!! Important Video WATCH<<==

Step 1. You will receive via email username and password to login to members area where we will post the a link to the LIVE STREAM and the recording of the event.

Step 2. Sign Up to our facebook messenger up to date information about the event and stream.

Step 3. Save our 7 day a week support@kallzu.com  PLEASE do it now!! Did you save it?  Support@kallzu.com

Step 4.  Book mark this page!!  Do it now:)

Important: We will update you with pre-event training material AND update via Facebook messenger AND thru email.  But we all know email can get lost in Spam folders or just not read.  So please stay alert to Facebook messengers from Chris Winter and white list support@kallzu.com


Contact us  support@kallzu.com If you encounter any doubts or have any queries